Hi Everyone,

So, after thinking more than 100 times about the topic of my first blog post after my introductory post, I came up with this topic. ACNE😖 during periods.

Acne is a skin condition that occurs when hair follicles plug with oil and dead skin cells. During menstruation, our hormones play a big role that trigger our sebaceous gland to produce more sebum oil. This oil gets trapped in the swollen pores of the skin causing acne. Almost every second or third woman in the world, faces the problem of acne during menstruation.

I know before coming to my page, you all must have read a lot about preventing and curing acne. There are “n” number of posts on acne with “n” number of remedies in the google world. But I am just here to share what works for me and what not.

It is necessary to stay hydrated always not only during periods but also otherwise. Washing face twice/thrice a day, applying moisturizer etc. But sometimes, in spite of keeping all those points in mind and even after adhering to all that, we get pimples.

Many of us have tried popping them up standing in front of the mirror for a while. I too did during my teenage, even after knowing that was not a good idea😜 Result – scars on face, spreading germs/bacteria around. But that ended up soon when I came to know a single thing that works great and do wonders for any skin type.

Since last 10 years I am using only and only 1 cream on my acne and that is Vicco Turmeric WSO cream. It is such a miraculous cream that do wonders to my skin. I usually apply as dots over my pimple thrice a day. And in just a day pimple sets down. It is very cool and soothing. It contains extracts of turmeric which works as antiseptic and sandalwood that provides soothing and cooling effect to the skin. It has all natural and chemical free ingredients. Right from the first application, the cream deeply penetrates into the skin and starts working from within. Applying during night before sleeping has more effect on the pimples. I am not exaggerating but honestly, after using it, I have completely stopped applying anything on my acne. Have tried using different types of faces washes that are especially meant for acne, other medicated creams, face packs etc. but nothing worked rather this.

So, this is all about acne during menstruation for today. Hope you liked it. I will come up with another post soon. Till then take care, stay hydrated, stay healthy and stay connected. Let me know in comments if you have already tried this before or this worked for you as well or if you have any other remedy that worked for you to treat acne.


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