Monday, June 10, 2019 Anjali Poddar

Welcome to my First Blog post!

Hello friends,

Welcome to my nest which is just fresh with the twigs and green grass around. Thank you for stopping by and peeping into.

This is my first blog post wherein I will be sharing about myself and my blog. So, let’s break the ice between us and move ahead with me to explore this colourful journey.

My name is Anjali and I was raised in Jaipur (the Heart of Rajasthan). I have done my Masters in Commerce (Finance) and have worked with MNC’s for a couple of years in the field of finance. Got married in 2010 with a mariner and shifted to Mumbai with him. Had lost the idea of working outside as he used to come home for two months, on and off. Blogging became my passion since 2014 when I first read beauty tips and skin care routine by Ankita Chaturvedi. She has been my beauty blogging inspiration since then.

I sometimes try my hands on cooking as well. My husband says I am a good cook. I love travelling and have been to many countries including US, UK, Thailand, Maldives, Singapore etc. but unfortunately I never thought of making travel blogs then. But now, this is the platform where I shall be sharing my travel blogs as well. My forte is Lifestyle including Fashion, Food, Beauty, Travel, Make up, Skincare and much more.

To start with, I may come up with my opinions on tried and tested beauty products as Product Reviews are my Love!!! Though I am not an expert or a perfectionist, I will try my best to give the best of everything. And for that, your support, feedback and suggestions are highly needed and appreciated.

Thank you!


You can contact me at poddar.r.anjali@gmail.com for any queries.

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